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Editorial committee

Below are the six editorial committee members for 2023, alongside their affiliation and area of expertise. The editorial committee enable a more direct link between the Portal and the wider research community. They collaborate with the Portal team to create content and advise on resources that would be beneficial to researchers in their area of expertise.

Ben Murrell, PhD
Karolinska Institute

Computational biology,
Immunology and Virology

Johan Ankarklev, PhD
Stockholm University

Parasitology and Genetics

Johan Bengtsson-Palme, PhD
Chalmers University

Antibiotic resistance and
Emergent pathogens

Laura Carroll, PhD
UmeƄ University

Computational biology

Luisa W. Hugerth, PhD
Uppsala University

Human microbiome

Mahmoud Naguib, PhD
Uppsala University

Experimental Virology

Images courtesy of: Uppsala University (LH, MN), SciLifeLab (LC), Karolinska Instititet (BM), Stockholm University (JA) and Chalmers (JB-P).