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New section on the Portal about register-based research

New section on the Portal about register-based research

Published: 2021-11-09

New section on the Portal about register-based research
Screenshot of the table displaying examples of publications of register-based research.

The Swedish COVID-19 Data Portal is launching a section on register-based research in Sweden. The section contains general information about register-based research, information about available tools, a list of relevant registers. Moreover, ongoing COVID-19 related projects funded by major Swedish funders making use of register data are listed (17 such projects were tracked by the Portal as of publication date of this news item). Finally, examples of publications that have used register data are highlighted.

Sweden has a long tradition of record keeping of registers containing person data and many of the health registers in Sweden have data from the 1950s and forward. A register contains personal data (health data, demographic data, socioeconomic data, etc.) connected to personal numbers, a unique identifier, that allows linking between registers. Register-based data can contribute with important real-patient data aspects to research. One of such registers is the Swedish Intensive Care Registry containing daily inpatients with COVID-19 from the Swedish intensive care departments; this register has been used extensively in both research and for policy-making during the last two years.

We invite researchers working with register-based data and affiliated to a Swedish research institute to get in touch with us about adding information about their research data or visualisations on this page; send us an email to

To facilitate register-based research, the Swedish Research Council maintains, a hub with general information about register-based research, as well as Register Utiliser Tool (RUT), a tool which allows researchers to explore metadata from various registers and to match data stored in different registers.

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