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How to cite the Portal

In line with the principles of FAIR and Open Science, we encourage the reuse of material made available on the Swedish Pathogens Portal. On this page, you will find information about how to cite the portal when reusing/referencing the content. Please note that the information on the portal is updated continuously, therefore it is important to refer to specific versions (or to provide access dates) within citations.

Research community

In this section, you’ll find instructions on how to cite the portal website, or underlying code, in reearch publications.

Citing website content

Research Resource Identifier of Swedish Pathogens Portal

The Resource Identification Portal was created in support of the Resource Identification Initiative. It aims to promote the identification, discovery, and reuse of research resources. Research Resource Identifiers (RRIDs) are persistent and unique identifiers for referencing a research resource.

The RRID for the Swedish Pathogens Portal is SCR_024866.

By citing the portal using the RRID, you will facilitate further reuse of the portal, enable us to track that activity, and allow others to easily find the Summary Report for usage of the Swedish Pathogens Portal.

APA format

In-text citation: The data was made available on the Swedish Pathogens Portal (RRID: SCR_024866) (year)

Reference list SciLifeLab Data Centre (2024). Swedish Pathogens Portal, version (version number) from, RRID:SCR_024866.

You will find the version of the Portal at the bottom of the footer on any page, or on our Github repository under ‘releases’.

If you are aiming to cite particular pages of the portal in particular (e.g. the Data Highlights), you may find that an author is mentioned and a date is given. In this case, you should include the appropriate date and author instead, but must still include the RRID.

Citing underlying code

From the start, the portal has been operated by the SciLifeLab Data Centre and partners. Many individuals from the wider community have also contributed to the code over time. All of the source code used on the website is available on GitHub. The code used to produce the website is available in our pathogens-portal repository, and all code used for visualisations are in our visualisations repository. All of the code that we have produced is available for reuse under an MIT licence.

APA format

SciLifeLab Data Centre (year) pathogens-portal. version: (version number), DOI: (insert version DOI shown on the badge in the file of our pathogens-portal repository). An example of the bedge is below:


SciLifeLab Data Centre (year) pathogens-portal-visualisations. version: (version number),


Journalists are welcome to reuse images, content, or other material from the Swedish Pathogens Portal for articles, blogs, social media etc., provided that the portal is acknowledged. Please refer to the portal as the Swedish Pathogens Portal and link to our webpage when you use content from the portal. You may also include our RRID: SCR_024866 (see above for information on RRIDs).