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About the Swedish Pathogens Portal


The Swedish Pathogens Portal provides information about available datasets, resources, tools, and services related to pandemic preparedness in Sweden. We offer support to all those involved in pandemic preparedness research that are affiliated with a Swedish research institution or university.

The Portal is operated by the SciLifeLab Data Centre and partners. We welcome community contributions to the Portal and provide information on the different ways that the community can contribute, for more details see contribute page. In addition to running the Portal, the team can also either provide support on data-related questions surrounding pandemic preparedness research or help find suitable support services. For more general data support, please see our related research data management service(RDM Guidelines).

This website is built using Hugo in combination with Bootstrap for styling, DataTables for tables, and Vega/Vega-Lite and Plotly for interactive graphics. All code used for the Portal is open source (held under an MIT licence) and is available on GitHub. We encourage the reuse of our code, either for generating another national portal, or recreating certain features.

History of the Portal

The Swedish Pathogens Portal was originally launched as the ‘Swedish COVID-19 Data Portal’ in June 2020 on assignment and with funding from the Swedish Research Council a.k.a. Vetenskapsr├ądet (more details here). The Portal was actually the first national node of the European COVID-19 Data Platform, which was initiated and funded by the European Commission (more details here) and you can find an overview of other national nodes here. The Portal focused on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 research data exclusively until the end of 2021. We released a news item summarising our activities in 2021.

From 2022, the Portal expanded to cover other research relevant to pandemic preparedness and became a part of the SciLifeLab Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness programme. The SciLifeLab Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness Programme is funded by the earmarked governmental funding to SciLifeLab (Research proposition Prop. 202/21:60).

From the start, the Portal has been operated by the SciLifeLab Data Centre and partners. However, it has received considerable input from the community. Indeed, many people contributed to building the initial site, and to content throughout. An overview of some of the contributors that have been instrumental to establishing and advancing the Portal can be found on GitHub.

Portal team

Many people from SciLifeLab, NBIS, other organisations, and the community have been involved in the Portal since its conception in early 2020. A complete list of contributors can be found on GitHub. Below, we show the current team of people actively working on the Portal.

The team are happy to help with using the Portal, to take suggestions regarding new and existing sections, and to answer any questions that you may have. Please just get in touch using for contact form.

Liane Hughes
Project leader
Katarina ├ľjefors Stark
Data steward
Senthilkumar Panneerselvam
Systems developer
Hanna Kultima
Vice head of SciLifeLab Data Centre
Johan Rung
Head of SciLifeLab Data Centre